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The van Hengel Society

van Hengel Society logoThe van Hengel Society honors individuals who make legacy gifts to benefit Feeding America. The Society brings together supporters who seek to establish a strong foundation for a hunger-free America.

In 1979, John van Hengel started the nation’s first food bank when he helped bring food, that otherwise would have gone to waste, to people in need. A simple, compassionate idea born in Phoenix, Arizona, has grown to a network of 200 food banks that provides nutrition assistance for more than 46 million Americans. The van Hengel Society recognizes individuals who make planned gifts to provide Feeding America with resources for the future, and give us the confidence to move forward in the fight against hunger in our country.

Members of the van Hengel Society receive a certificate of membership, special reports about the latest initiatives of Feeding America and acknowledgement in our annual reports.

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