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Scott and Linda Wolpert

Scott and Linda Wolpert

For more than a decade, Scott and Linda Wolpert have been dedicated supporters of Feeding America and our mission to end hunger in the United States. Married in 1985 and parents to four children, the couple was aware that people across the country faced hunger—from stories in the media and what they’d each learned from their parents growing up. The latest report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, released in September 2021, found that over 38 million people, including 11 million children, experienced food insecurity in 2020. Concerned with how widespread food insecurity is, the Wolperts support Feeding America, because it can immediately help people in need. “Food is a basic need for all people and isn’t complicated by politics,” Linda said.

The couple chose to name Feeding America as a beneficiary in their will and become members of the van Hengel Society* to support our vision of an America where no one is hungry. Their decision to support Feeding America was based on several reasons, including our effective use of resources to serve tens of millions of neighbors every year—98.5% of contributions received by Feeding America go directly into programs that serve people facing hunger. The couple also values the reach of the Feeding America network, which includes 200 member food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs, which reaches neighbors in need in every community across the country.

The Wolperts also are inspired to support Feeding America, as they said they recognize the “compelling opportunity to help” given Feeding America’s partnerships with corporations, our educational programs and overall comprehensive approach to providing nourishing meals to neighbors in need.

At least 60 million people are estimated to have turned to food banks, food pantries and other private food assistance programs in 2020—a 50% increase from 2019. The Wolperts recognize that the hunger crisis will not end without all of us doing what we can to help yield solutions and change.

“Legacy gifts are a long-term way to contribute to positive change, long-term impact for good,” Scott said. “Our parents taught us to have consideration for fellow community members in need. We are very fortunate to be able to make contributions to support Feeding America.”

*The van Hengel Society is named for John van Hengel, the founder of the modern food bank movement, and honors individuals who make legacy gifts, including bequests and charitable gift annuities, in support of Feeding America.

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