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Dr. Sonya Woods Anderson


Dr. Sonya Woods Anderson, a longtime supporter of Feeding America, recalls being shocked when she heard about the magnitude of the problem of hunger in our country.

"This is a country of abundance. We're not a third-world country. So, how could this be happening?" she said.

Sonya had been a supporter for more than a decade and believes passionately in the fight against hunger, she decided to establish two endowments to Feeding America through her estate plan. "I was very impressed by what Feeding America was able to accomplish in an area which there is so much need. I am also very impressed by their efficiency in utilizing the dollars contributed," Sonya said.

"I believe in the importance of the work done by Feeding America, and wish to enable it to continue to do that which it does so well after I'm gone," she added.

Sonya encourages others to "leave their footprints in the sands of time" by making a legacy gift, too, if they are able to do so.

She points out that once we're gone and no longer need the resources we have, contributing them is the best way to leave that footprint in time.

"It is a way of giving back for all that we have had in our lives," she said. "I am very grateful that I am able to make a legacy gift."

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